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Someone lost vessel with 649 kilos of cocaine on Marshall Islands

Christian Fernsby |
A ship holding a massive haul of cocaine washed up on a reef in the Marshall Islands.

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The vessel was discovered on a beach at Ailuk Atoll in the Marshall Islands, a week ago.

The fibreglass vessel was loaded with 649 kilos of cocaine.

An abandoned boat holding a massive haul of cocaine has washed up on a reef in the Marshall Islands.

According to the police, it is the largest shipment that has ever been found in the nation.

Attorney general Richard Hickson told AFP the boat likely came from Central or South America and, “It could have been drifting for a year or two.”

Two kilos from the haul were sent to the US Drug Enforcement Agency for inspection, while rest of it was destroyed.

As per estimates from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the entire haul is worth around $55 million, if sold on U.S. streets.

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