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South Africa bans cruise ships

Christian Fernsby |
South Africa banned all passenger vessels from its ports two days ago due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving tourists on a cruise ship docked in Cape Town in limbo following tests for possible coronavirus cases on board.


The MV AidAmira's more than 1,700 passengers and crew have been unable to leave the ship since Monday, after a crew member on a cargo ship who shared a plane with six passengers on the liner showed symptoms of the coronavirus.

Port authorities quarantined the Italian flagged AidAmira while the six passengers were tested for coronavirus.

All those tests came back negative, South African Maritime Authority acting Chief Executive Sobantu Tilayi told a news conference.

But maritime officials were still working out how to move the passengers off the liner safely and they would not be moved on Wednesday, he added.

The new maritime regulations that came into force two days ago prohibit all embarkations and disembarkations from passenger ships at the country's eight sea ports.

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