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Tokyo prosecutors raid residence of former Nissan boss Ghosn

Christian Fernsby |
Tokyo prosecutors today raided the residence of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn, Japanese public broadcaster NHK said.

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The raid follows Ghosn’s surprise escape days ago from Japan, where he was awaiting trial on four charges of financial wrongdoing, to Lebanon.

Ghosn has repeatedly said he is innocent of all charges against him.

Japanese authorities allowed former Renault and Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn to carry an extra French passport in a locked case while he was out on bail, which explains how he managed to leave the country for Lebanon.

Ghosn, who has French, Lebanese and Brazilian citizenship, left Japan to avoid what he called a rigged justice system in Japan. He faces multiple charges of financial misconduct, which he denies. He bail in April but with strict conditions, including a bar on overseas travel.

Japanese authorities have not officially commented on Ghosn's disappearance, but Lebanese officials say he entered legally on a French passport. Though one of Ghosn's Japanese lawyers has said the lawyers were still in possession of all three of his passports, under the terms of his bail.

However, Ghosn had been issued a spare French passport, according to the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, citing sources saying he had been required to carry the passport with him since May.

The former Nissan chairman who fled the country to Lebanon while out on bail, will speak to the media in Beirut, according to media reports.

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