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Tropical cyclone Sarai leaves 1 dead, some 2,000 evacuated in Fiji

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One people died while nearly 2,000 people take refuge in over 50 evacuation centers, as the category-two tropical cyclone Sarai continues to sweep Fiji with heavy rain and wind.

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According to a government press release on Saturday night, the Fiji National Disaster Management Office confirmed that an 18-year-old student drowned on Saturday afternoon after being swept away by strong currents while swimming in waters on the southern island of Kadavu, 200 km south of Fijian capital of Suva.

Currently, 56 evacuation centers are now in operation across the island nation with 1,969 evacuees.

In most parts affected by tropical cyclone Sarai, fallen trees, landslides and damaged roads were reported while most part of Fiji, including the main island of Viti Levu, also reported no power. In Suva, people spent Friday night without power.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Meteorological Office said that Sarai is maintaining its strength and speed as it continues to batter Fiji with storm force winds gusting up to 150 km per hour and torrential rain.

It is moving east southeast at 13 km per hour and was located 100 km south of Kadavu on Saturday night.

Sarai has forced the Fiji Airways and the country's shipping services suspended their services on Friday and Saturday. Fiji Airways has decided to resume most of its services from Sunday.

Sarai is expected to leave Fiji's area of responsibility by New Year's Day, moving on to Tonga later next Wednesday.

The peak period for cyclone is usually from January to March.

In 2016, Fiji was hit by tropical cyclone Winston, which killed 44 people and caused extensive damages to the country.

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