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Turkish, Dutch police seize 2,384 kg of heroin

Christian Fernsby |
Turkish and Dutch police seized 2,384 kilograms of heroin in joint operations across five countries, Turkey's Interior Ministry said yesterday.

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According to information received by the ministry, an organization was identified that was found to be trafficking drugs to mostly European countries.

As part of the fight against the illicit trafficking of narcotics, Turkish and Dutch authorities investigated the organization.

Turkish and Dutch police launched simultaneous operations in Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, Holland and Turkey.

According to security sources, they seized 1,105 kg (2,436 pounds) of heroin in Kazakhstan, 703 kg (1,549 pounds) in Germany, 350 kg (771 pounds) in Poland, 171 kg (376 pounds) in Holland and 55 kg (121 pounds) in Turkey.

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