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Turkish ship sinks while loading in Spain's Port of Castellon

Christian Fernsby |
A Turkish ship Nazmiye Ana sank Friday evening while loading cargo in the Port of Castellon in eastern Spain, according to the information received Saturday from Turkey's Consulate in Barcelona.

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An Indian sailor and a Spanish port worker are missing after they fell into the sea.

The crew comprises nine people including five Turks.

The Panama-flagged cargo ship Nazmiye Ana capsized during the cargo loading process at the port after losing its balance, said the consulate.

Spanish authorities continue the search for the Indian citizen Bhanu Pratao, 22, and the 36-year-old Spanish citizen.

The rest of the crew is in good health and the Turkish citizens will be sent to Istanbul of Saturday.

The ship, which arrived from the Port of Barcelona, was expected to sail to the Port of Bejaia, Algeria.

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