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Two aircraft forced to make emergency landings in China

Christian Fernsby |
Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9209 issued emergency code ‘7700’ and was forced to turn back to Shenzhen.

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The flight was bound for Xi’an and had been in the air for around 25 minutes when all of sudden a drop in altitude was detected at 7.52am above the Guangzhou control zone.

The plane had begun to drop 5,500 meters in five minutes, after “recording cabin pressure problem at a height of 9,200 meters” reports South China Morning Post.

Subsequently the flight code was then changed from ‘7700’ to a normal code, meaning that the emergency situation of the aircraft had been controlled and that the aircraft could land normally.

Another Airbus 330, model 243E also had to make an emergency landing due to mechanical failure after 23 minutes in-flight. Flight MU5274 from Chengdu to Beijing safely landed in Xi’an and departed again just hours later.

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