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Two injured after ship collision in Greek port Perama

Christian Fernsby |
A ship collision occurred on Thursday on the pier of Neo Iconio of the Greek port of Perama, 8 km northwest of Piraeus.


According to Hellenic Coast Guard, a Japanese cargo ship carrying containers, with 23 crew members, crashed into the right side of an anchored Turkish-flagged tanker, with 13 crew aboard, while entering the harbor.

Two sailors of the Turkish ship were slightly injured in the collision, while the ship has been tilted to its right side that has been fractured, according to local radio 902.gr.

For the moment, the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy does not confirm any oil spill into the sea.

Double floating dams have been littered around the Turkish tanker at the port for security reasons, Greek national news agency AMNA reported.

The port authorities temporarily banned the departure of both ships until the damage is recovered and inspected by the authorities.