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UK Environment Agency staff working to protect people from severe flood

Christian Fernsby |
Environment Agency teams continue to work around the clock to protect people and properties from severe flooding, with further floods expected across parts of the country today and possibly into the weekend.

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England has now received over 200% of its average February rainfall with some areas experiencing a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

Severe flooding is impacting people in Shrewsbury, Bewdley, Ironbridge and other locations along the river Severn.

Severe river flooding is likely along parts of the River Severn today (Wednesday) where further overtopping of flood defences remains a risk through Ironbridge, Bewdley and Bridgnorth.

Flooding along parts of the River Severn is likely until at least Sunday.

Significant river flooding is also possible for parts of Yorkshire through the next five days and along parts of the River Trent in the east midlands today (Wednesday).

As of 12:00 pm on Wednesday 26 February there are two severe flood warnings for Ironbridge and Shrewsbury, meaning there is an immediate risk to life; 96 flood warnings, meaning that flooding is expected; and 140 flood alerts, meaning that flooding is possible, in places across the country.

The Environment Agency is urging people to check their flood risk and remain prepared to take action as the situation changes.

Since the start of Storm Dennis, up to 1,000 Environment Agency staff per day have been mobilised on the ground to issue flood warnings, operate flood defences and temporary pumps, clear debris from rivers, inspect damaged flood defences and make repairs.

Community information officers are also out supporting affected communities offering advice and assistance.

Environment Agency operational teams have put up more than 6km of temporary flood barriers across the country and flood defences have protected over 34,184 properties from flooding over the last week.