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UK: RMT strike action on Bakerloo line goes ahead Friday

Christian Fernsby |
TUBE UNION RMT confirmed yesterday that strike action on the Bakerloo line in a dispute over the impact on train drivers over unworkable timetable changes that place operators under intolerable levels of personal stress will go ahead as planned from lunchtime on Friday after tube bosses slammed the door on serious talks aimed at reaching a solution.

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Despite intensive efforts by RMT negotiators to make constructive progress in ACAS talks last week the LU side failed to come up with a plan that would deal with the issues at the heart of the dispute and have now walked away from the table.

As a result the strike action goes ahead with the widespread disruption solely the responsibility of London Underground and their intransigence when the union had made it quite clear that there is a deal to be done.

RMT remains available for talks even as the clock ticks down.

A ballot for action covering driver members produced a 95% vote for action.

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