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Ukraine seizes 235 kg of heroin, arrests 7

Christian Fernsby |
The National Police of Ukraine said Tuesday that it has seized 235 kg of heroin and arrested seven members of a transnational drug dealer group, together with Moldovan law enforcement agencies.

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"This is the result of a joint special operation of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Moldova. A powerful channel for the supply of heroin from Iran to the EU countries has been eliminated," Igor Klimenko, the head of the National Police of Ukraine, said Tuesday on his official Facebook page.

The drug dealers created several fictitious construction companies and smuggled drugs inside construction materials, said Klimenko, adding that drugs were first brought to Moldova in transit through Ukraine, and were then packaged and delivered to the European Union.

Earlier this year, the Security Service of Ukraine seized over one ton of heroin in the western city of Lviv.

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