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U.S. accuses Russia of spreading conspiracy about Wuhan coronavirus, UK forms fight team

Christian Fernsby |
The UK government has created a special unit designed to combat Russian disinformation about Wuhan coronavirus after the U.S. accused Moscow of spreading a series of conspiracy theories seeking to blame the West for the virus.

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Officials in the Donald Trump administration have accused Russia of creating thousands of fake Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to spread conspiracy theories that the U.S. was somehow the originator of the virus.

Posts included claims that the virus was a bid by the U.S. to "wage economic war on China," that it was a bioweapon engineered by the CIA, and that it was fostered "to push anti China messages."

The campaign was first spotted in mid anuary, with several thousand accounts many of which were previously tied to Russian activities posting "near identical" messages about coronavirus, according to a report produced by the State Department's Global Engagement Center.

The UK government on Monday announced that it had assembled a counter disinformation unit which would work with social media companies to "identify and respond" to these and other conspiracy theories spread by foreign powers.

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