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U.S. agrees to remove plutonium waste from South Carolina

Christian Fernsby |
Attorney General Alan Wilson announced that the State of South Carolina and the United States government have reached a $600 million settlement to end six years of litigation related to the remaining 9.5 metric tons of weapons grade plutonium relocated to the Savannah River Site in the early 2000s.

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Under the terms of the of the settlement, the United States will pay South Carolina $600 million immediately, and the Department of Energy remains obligated to remove the plutonium by 2037.

South Carolina will allow the Department of Energy 16.5 years to remove the remaining plutonium from SRS or monetary penalties will be re-instated and the Department will be subject to additional litigation.

The settlement, negotiated by Attorney General Wilson, ends a highly contentious battle that involved multiple federal and state administrations and threatened to paralyze the country’s industrial complex and pit the state against the federal government for decades.

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