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U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt confirms 230 coronavirus cases in its crew

Christian Fernsby |
The U.S. Navy reported this Wednesday that 230 members of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt's crew caught coronavirus disease, and the ship's captain was recently fired due to warning of the health situation of the war aircraft carrier.

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That branch of the armed forces set out that other 2,000 crew members were negative to the SARS-CoV-2 test and that was examined 79 percent of the people aboard when the outbreak started.

In the extent tests continue, the ship will keep sufficient sailors aboard to continue with essential services and disinfect the vessel on port, added the Navy, and indicated that none of the afflicted has required being hospitalized.

The Hill website reported that the aircraft carrier is now berthed in a naval base in Guam in which the crew members are checked up and isolated.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt was the media center of the country past week after its Commander, Captain Brett Crozier sent a memorandum to his superiors to warn that the crew would face severe aftermaths if the Navy would not fight against the ship's outbreak.

Crozier warned in such document that sailors could die if the vast majority of 4,800 crew members were not evacuated.

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