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U.S. Navy in Europe aims to boost renewable power

Christian Fernsby |
The Navy’s three biggest bases in Europe are undergoing a multimillion dollar retrofit to boost energy efficiency.

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Solar farms are being installed, Stars and Stripes reports, and central air systems, heating, boilers, lighting and other equipment upgraded or replaced at bases in Naples and Sigonella in Italy and Rota in Spain, under the energy resiliency and savings project, the Navy said.

“If there’s a storm that knocks something out, you want to make sure you have those opportunities so the mission can keep going,” said Brittany Roark, who’s managing the contract for the Navy’s public works department in Naples.

Under the project, a 14-acre solar farm that will generate six megawatts of electricity a year is being built at Rota, and another, which will produce 4.5 megawatts of power annually, will be installed at Sigonella.

Six megawatts is enough to power about 900 American homes for a year, according to a formula used by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

A new natural gas pipe in Naples will create a mini-plant that will generate one megawatt of energy yearly, and will be used to heat and cool water for the base’s central air systems.

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