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Visitors to UK face 14-day self-isolation

Christian Fernsby |
All travellers to the UK including British nationals could be required to quarantine for 14 days after entering, under new plans from the British government, it has been reported.

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The plan was agreed during a meeting of ministers and relevant officials Wednesday, according to reports in British newspapers The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

If imposed, the rules will reportedly apply to all arrivals, including British citizens. The government is thought to be considering exemptions for those such as lorry drivers bringing vital supplies to the UK.

Authorities will have the power to visit addresses given by new arrivals through the country’s ports, to ensure that they are conforming to the quarantine rules. People entering the country who are suspected of being infectious may also be removed, screened and assessed by immigration staff.

Those who break the rules could face large fines or even criminal prosecution, under powers introduced by the Coronavirus Act.

An exact date for when the rules may come into force has not yet been confirmed, but reports suggest it could be rolled out as early as next month (May). The plans have been described as part of the “second phase” of the British government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

It has not yet been stated how long the quarantine rules might be in place.

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