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War and peace and oil: U.S. builds military base in oil field in Syria

Christian Fernsby |
United States forces are building a huge military base in the al-Omar oil field, in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, local media reported.

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"The United States is equipping the base to be the headquarters of the operations command of the international coalition it leads in Syria," reported the website Syria Now, which quoted the TV station al-Mayadeen.

Local sources noted that major logistic and military reinforcements have been deployed in the field in order to fortify it, in addition to building heliports to carry out air surveillance and patrol missions near the oil wells.

The al-Omar base will replace the base at the Lafargue Cement Factory, in the north of Raqa province, and the base from which the U.S. forces withdrew in November, the sources added.

Syrian analysts said that Washington is working to find a mechanism to extract more Syrian oil as soon as possible, and is moving electrical equipment to make the power grid operational in the oil fields in order to start exploiting them.

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