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Wuhan coronavirus: Italy refuses to suspend Schengen

Christian Fernsby |
The Italian government has turned down the idea of the reintroduction of internal Schengen borders as a prevention measure against the further spreading of the coronavirus, after over 200 cases have been detected within the last three days.

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In a press release held after an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet of ministers at the Civil Protection headquarters, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said suspending the Schengen Agreement would not help towards the containment of the Coronavirus.

“This is a draconian measure that does not meet the needs of Italian citizens in the field of containment of infection,” the prime minister said regarding the suspension of the Schengen Agreement.

Furthermore, he sarcastically told journalists that closing the borders would turn Italy into a lazaretto, that is an isolation hospital for people with infectious diseases, like leprosy or plague.

“Suspend Schengen? But what do we want to make of Italy, a lazaretto?!” he said.

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