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52% of Americans already started holiday shopping

Christian Fernsby |
A new Oracle Retail consumer research study shows that shoppers are worried that supply chain and delivery delays will wreak havoc on the holidays.

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In response, 52% of Americans have already started holiday shopping or plan to shop earlier than usual.

Of the respondents, 20% plan to order more gifts in case some are delayed or canceled, with that number jumping to 44% for Millennials*. Others are taking an easier path, with 34% of people especially Baby Boomers* at 58% noting they will buy more gift cards this year.

28% of respondents are anxious that the products they want will be more expensive due to the scarcity.

27% are worried desired products won't be available.

17% are fretting that friends and family will be disappointed as they don't get the gift they want.

72 percent of respondents will have gifts delivered to their home are worried shipping times won't meet their expectations and will be late if they arrive at all. To ease their concerns, 65% of respondents say granular tracking of delivery status is very important.

Adding insult to injury, even if the package finally gets to its destination, 32% of people fear porch pirates may steal it.

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