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$995 million in UK, $695 million in France, $594 million in Spain lost in food takeaway sector

Christian Fernsby |
During the first half of 2020, one week of lockdown cost the UK alone $412 million in lost spending on snacks and non alcoholic drinks, Kantar said.

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$995 million in the UK, $695 million in France, and $594 million in Spain in total was lost due to reduced OOH food consumption.

While non alcoholic drinks consumption grew by 10% in 2020, spending is down by an average of 36% vs. 2019 as a result of the pandemic.

OOH coffee sales in the UK dropped from $484 million in March to $68 million in April a fall of 86%.

By the end of August, the highest coffee sales volumes were still 50% lower than average 2019 volumes at just under $250 million per month while coffee purchases for in home use had risen by 17% to just over $109m per month.

In urban environments in France, just 55% of consumers have used a home meal delivery service in the last year and only 8% are using those services once a week, highlighting a clear opportunity for growth and recovery.

The countries that have seen the least damage to their OOH sales seem to be those that have highest penetration of meal delivery services.

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