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Angola launches tender for three diamond evaluators

Christian Fernsby |
Angola's Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum (MIREMPET) opened a restricted tendering yesterday for the hiring of three independent evaluators for the 9.2 million carats of rough diamonds annually produced in the Southern African country.

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The initiative results from the implementation of a presidential decree, which approves the new diamond trading policy and technical regulation for the marketing of Angolan rough diamonds.

Tuesday's ceremony served to open bids submission to participate in the contest that runs until April 6.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Secretary of State for Petroleum, Jose Barroso, said that MIREMPET intends, with this act, to hire three independent diamond evaluators with good references in terms of international practices for this activity.

The chairman of the bidding committee for this tender, Mankenda Ambroise, explained that currently there is only one independent rough diamonds evaluator in the country and that the Angolan state wants five.

"We will start with three evaluators, a number that will already allow us to evaluate the production criteria, market prices and obey the certification of the Kimberley process," Ambroise said.

On April 7, the bids submitted by competitors will be opened, while the results will be disclosed in the second week of the same month.

Any national or foreign entity can compete in this tender, but must submit the proposal in Portuguese.

Regarding the selection criteria for this tender, he explained that the independent evaluators must have at least five years of technical and economic experience in this field.

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