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Angola's new rules on pre-packaged imports to enter into force

Christian Fernsby |
The new measures on pre-packaged products imported into Angola will come into force next week, which will allow Angolans to buy cheaper foreign products on domestic markets, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MINDCOM) said in a statement on Saturday.

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According to the new measures, the import of pre-packaged basic basket products will be mandatorily made in large packages.

These products include sugar, rice, wheat and corn flour, beans, powder milk, cooking oil, animal feed, coarse and refined salt, wheat semolina, pork and beef, margarine and soap, earlier media reports have said, quoting official figures.

The measures will allow products to be imported at lower prices, and give stimulus to small and medium-sized packaging and logistics industries, boosting employment, said the MINDCOM.

The measures place Angola in line with the best international practices in terms of commerce and distribution, it added.

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