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Belarus to continue oil transit through Ukraine

Christian Fernsby |
Ukrainian national company Ukrtransnafta extended for another year the contract for oil transit with BNK UK Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Belarusian national oil company, said the CEO of Ukrtransnafta Nikolay Gavrilenko in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

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"Already extended. In early December. In working order," he said, adding that the tariff and contractual conditions are the same as for the existing contract.

"The conditions are the same. From the Belarusian side there was a request to make a certain discount on the tariff but taking into account our production capabilities to pump according to the schedule provided by the contract, we explained to them that the reduction is possible in case of an increase in the volume of transported oil in their direction. They have differentials, they clearly understand what options for reducing the tariff are possible. Volumes will increase - the tariff will decrease," Gavrilenko explained.

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