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Brits set to save huge on broadband cost

Christian Fernsby |
New rule changes coming into effect on February 15 will help those in the UK avoid high out of contract bills.

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UK watchdog Ofcom says users could save £150 a year on broadband alone once they are informed of alternative deals. That's £1.5 billion for all of them, some calculations say.

From Saturday, phone, broadband, and pay TV customers will be warned by their provider that their current contract is ending, and they will be offered a new contract to avoid out of contract bills that can be higher than previous in-contract bills.

According to the media regulator, Ofcom, 20 million people in the UK are already out of contract and 8.8 million of those are broadband customers.

Research found that a huge 25,000 broadband customers reach the end of their contract each day.

This change will help even the vigilant customers who know when their contract will end but get the switchover timing a bit off and get billed for the first out of contract month.

Under the new rules, customers will receive a notification from their provider between 10 and 40 days before the contract comes to an end.

The alerts can be delivered via text, email, or letter so be sure to keep your contact information up to date.

The alerts will contain information such as when your contract is ending, what you’ve been paying and what it will rise to, any notice period for leaving your provider, and details about the best deals offered by your provider including pricing only available to new customers.

If you’re already out of contract, your provider is obligated to send you a reminder with the best deals every year so you can take action.

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