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Bus operators welcome UK package of almost £170m

Christian Fernsby |
Bus operators have welcomed a £167m funding package from the Department for Transport (DfT) to help keep vital bus services on the road during the coronavirus crisis.

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was last week warned the bus network was in danger of collapse without urgent Government intervention, as overall passenger numbers fell by as much a 90% in the regions, following instructions for people to make essential journeys only.

Respective Governments have now announced measures to maintain vital services, which include a £167m support package for companies in England.

Bus operators will be required to maintain up to 50% of normal service levels and allow adequate social distancing space between passengers on board under the conditions of the new £167 million funding pot.

Passengers must also be kept informed about any revised operating timetables, the Department for Transport (DfT) said.

The Government said £200 million of existing funding under the Bus Services Operators Grant - which helps firms recover some of their fuel costs - will also continue to be paid.

Some £30m of extra funding originally earmarked for starting new bus services will instead be paid to local authorities to maintain those already in existence, the DfT said.

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