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Canadian experts inspect Ukrainian plane crash site

Christian Fernsby |
Civil Aviation Organization of Iran's spokesman yesterday announced that a specialized probe by the Canadian experts into the Ukrainian plane crash site is underway.

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Reza Jafarzadeh said that Canadian experts involved in inspecting the air disaster collected documents after a trilateral meeting between experts from Iran, Canada and Ukraine.

Noting that transparency and observing international regulations during investigations are focal points in Iran Aviation Organization's examinations, he added that the institute welcomes involvement of representatives from the other countries in the process of inspections.

All 176 passengers aboard the Ukrainian Boeing 737 were killed after it crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran's main international airport early Wednesday.

There were 167 passengers and nine crew members on flight PS-752 that burst into flames mid-sky and crashed into ground near Parand, a city southwest of Tehran.

Among the victims were over 140 Iranian nationals with others belonging to other countries, including Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Britain and Canada.

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