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Car manufacturers in Belgium threatened with a 500 million-euro CO2 fine

Christian Fernsby |
Car manufacturers in Belgium could get a 500 million euro fine if they don’t meet European CO2 emission targets by 2021.

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Car manufacturers will have to pay the European Union a colossal fine if new cars still emit more than an average of 95g of CO2 per kilometre by 2021.

It has been estimated the fines could total several billion euros.

In Belgium alone, manufacturers could be facing fines totalling around 500 million euros.

The Belgian car manufacturer's union, Febiac, predicts that car emissions will have dropped to around 105g per kilometre by 2021, but that’s still 10g over the European maximum.

This includes “super credits” (retroactively measuring how electric and hybrid cars have contributed to the reduction in CO2).

The fine is 95 euros per gram of surplus CO2, per car sold.

Being 10 grams over the limit would cost the manufacturers a lot of money, as 550,000 cars are sold in Belgium alone every year.

The worst polluting manufacturers could be fined as much as 500 million euros.

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