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Car insurance rates higher than ever for U.S. drivers

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The Zebra, a car insurance search engine, released its 2019 State of Auto Insurance Report, which reveals that car insurance rates have risen for four out of five American drivers (83%) over the past year.

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In fact, rates across the U.S. are higher than they've ever been, up 23% since 2011 with an average annual cost of $1,470.

Most expensive states:
Michigan: $2,693
Louisiana: $2,339
Rhode Island: $2,110
The Zebra's annual report examines more than 61 million auto insurance rates across every U.S. zip code to provide insight into the many factors insurance companies use to price insurance — and how that pricing is unique to every individual.

Most expensive cities:
Detroit, MI: $5,464
New Orleans, LA: $3,686
Hialeah, FL: $2,997
Insurance companies are using telematics (apps or plug-in devices to monitor a driver's behavior), which has the potential to lower costs for safe drivers and provide extensive data about driving trends.

Distracted drivers are starting to pay the price for their dangerous behaviors with an average insurance rate penalty of 20%.

Although new technology is making cars safer, it's also making them more expensive to repair or replace, so drivers likely won't see any car insurance savings for these new car features.

Car insurance companies are already leveraging insights from consumers' online behavior for marketing and other purposes, and there is potential this data could inform how they price rates in the future.

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