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China's to set up explosives firm in Zimbabwe to help mining industry

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Xinhua quoted China's charge d'affaires Zhao Baogang as saying that China will soon set up an explosives manufacturing firm in Zimbabwe that will boost the southern African country's mining industry.

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e told journalists after meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the explosives firm will also help boost Zimbabwe's economy through foreign currency generation.

Zhao said that "In 2019 we expect that we will have more projects in Zimbabwe. One is the furniture factory and another one is the explosive factory between China and Zimbabwe.

"This one will be launched very soon and it will help Zimbabwe a lot especially in the development of mining so they don't have to import explosives from other countries.

"After the establishment of this project Zimbabwe will save a lot of foreign currency and the project will also help Zimbabwe earn foreign currency."

He said China is looking forward to implementing more cooperation projects with Zimbabwe in 2019.

China rolled out multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects in Zimbabwe in 2018 as it stepped up bilateral cooperation following the elevation of ties between the two nations from all weather friends to comprehensive, strategic partnership of cooperation in April last year.

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