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Consumers delay smartphone purchasing amid coronavirus

Christian Fernsby |
Smartphone purchasing shifts to online in most reported markets, accounting for nearly two thirds of sales in the latest quarter (up at least 11% points in EU5, U.S. and Japan versus last year).

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iOS displays strong year on year sales share performance in Q220; the launch of iPhone SE (2nd generation) hits the right spot with consumers and the popularity of iPhone 11 continues.

Both iPhone SE and iPhone 11 interchangeably take the top 1 and 2 model seller spots in EU5, US, Australia, Japan and even in China, where Huawei is almost half of smartphone sales, iPhone 11 is the number 1 model sold.

Samsung A series sales performance continues in positive strides, with 2019 A series out performing sales of A series 2020 launches.

The appeal of A series has left a tough act for Samsung S20 flagship to follow; of the EU5 markets, S20 flagships only appear in the top 10 model sellers in Great Britain.

The desire for lower cost smartphones is a trend we have been monitoring closely for a while; from the category disruption caused by Huawei, the rise of Chinese brands, Samsung A series relaunch and now to the launch of iPhone SE.

The emphasis on high quality smartphones, at a fraction of flagship prices, couldn’t be more relevant at a time when many consumers are feeling financial pressures as a result of coronavirus.

Fortunately, only a small portion of consumers plan to cancel their plans to buy a smartphone (no more than 12% across all markets).

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