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Croatia's drugs wholesalers: State owes us $915.94 million

Christian Fernsby |
Croatia's drugs wholesalers urged the government to quickly pay them what they are owed.

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The overall debts of the health system for delivered medicines will this month reach a record high of 5.7 billion kuna ($915.94 million), the wholesalers said.

"We cannot credit the state any more and we demand urgent payment of 2.0 billion kuna ($320 million) for the debts of the hospitals and 700 million kuna ($112 million) for the debts of the pharmacies," Diana Percac, who represents a group of wholesalers, told a news conference.

Settling the drugs wholesalers' demands would increase pressure on state coffers in a year when Croatia hopes to keep public finances on track for adopting the euro currency in 2023.

Forty wholesalers, members of the association in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, warned that a disruption in the drug supply system can be expected again if there is no urgent reaction from the ministries.

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