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Ecuador sees growth in mineral exports despite pandemic

Christian Fernsby |
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Ecuador exported an average of 41.32 million U.S. dollars of mineral products a month from January to July, 52.9 percent more than the monthly average registered in 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources reported.

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Between January and August, the country exported a total of 410 million dollars of mineral products, excluding industrialized products from non-metallic mining, such as ceramic, glass and cement, the ministry said in a statement.

In August alone, mineral exports exceeded 120 million dollars, ranking fourth among Ecuador's best-selling products, after oil, bananas and shrimp, and representing 6.76 percent of the country's total exports for the month.

"Resources generated from mining exports contribute to the stability of Ecuador's economy," said the ministry.

According to data from Ecuador's Ministry of Economy and Finance, by 2021, mineral exports will generate 3.66 billion dollars in revenue, consolidating one of the country's most important non-oil exports.

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