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England: Ban on plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds came into force

Christian Fernsby |
The ban on supplying plastic straws and stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds has come into force in England, marking yet another major step in the Government’s fight against single use plastic waste to protect our environment and clean up our oceans.

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Just one month after ministers confirmed the single-use plastic bag charge would be increased to 10p and extended to all retailers, commencement of the ban will further ensure the country builds back greener.

It is estimated we use 4.7 billion plastic straws, 316 million plastic stirrers, and 1.8 billion plastic stemmed cotton buds in England every year, many of which find their way into our ocean.

While making this important step to help the environment, disabled people and those with medical conditions will also be protected, and will be able to request a plastic straw when visiting a pub or restaurant and purchase them from pharmacies.

The government is also committed to launching a £500 million Blue Planet Fund to protect the ocean from plastic pollution, warming sea temperatures and overfishing.

The government will also introduce a new world-leading tax on plastic packaging which does not meet a minimum threshold of at least 30% recycled content from April 2022 to encourage greater use of recycled plastic.

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