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Germany to support digital economy in Angola with its knowledge

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German technology can contribute to the development of the digital economy in Angola, increasing the country's productive capacity, said Wednesday in Luanda the German deputy ambassador, Marco Mattheis.

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Speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the workshop "Digital Transformation in Angola: Industry 4.0", organized by the Higher Institute of Technology and Sciences ISPTEC, the diplomat stressed that in the sectors of energy and mobility, there are many possibilities for Angola to enjoy from Germany.

Without citing any concrete investment, he said that Germany will study the possibility of a credit line, explaining that Siemens has several projects with academic institutions, highlighting the development of manuals on renewable energy, a requirement to develop the scanning.

Siemens Executive Director Sérgio Filipe said that the digitization is found in an incipient way, in Angola, in the oil industry, programmers, and can also improve the supply of energy to contribute to the improvement of life for all.

"When we talk about diversification of the economy, we are convinced that it is the right way, when we talk about the diversification of the economy, I believe that the digitization can contribute to the productive capacity of the country, having the efficiency and effectiveness of what is being done" , he said.

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