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Hydrogen-fuelled homes to open in UK in April

Christian Fernsby |
Houses with hydrogen-powered appliances are set to open in the UK in April.

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Two semi-detached show homes will have hobs, boilers, cookers and fires that release no carbon emissions.

The houses are to be opened as part of the Government's drive to phase out the use of fossil fuels.

Under construction in Low Thornley, Gateshead, the houses will not become family homes and will instead serve as a showcase for hydrogen technology.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Energy Minister, said: "From running a hot bath and cooking our evening meals to turning on the heating, most of us use natural gas every day.

“However, to tackle climate change, we need to find alternatives to fossil fuels and move towards making clean energy the norm.

"While these new houses in Gateshead will look like any other, they will showcase how low carbon hydrogen can transform the way we power our homes and offer a glimpse of what the future holds as we build back greener."

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