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Indonesian highway funding package required

Christian Fernsby |
A massive funding system will be required to support Indonesia’s Trans Sumatra Toll Road development project (JTTS). Stretching some 2,765km, the project has an expected cost of as much as $31.4 billion.

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Because of the high cost, it may not be until 2035 that the project will be free from the need for funding support. Hutama Karywa is working on a 771km stretch of the JTTS, which should be complete by 2022.

Indonesia’s new tolled highway links will massively improve transport in the country. The Indonesian Government has helped ramp up construction of toll roads stretching across the various islands. Bridge links are also being planned to link a number of the islands.

Financing the many transport infrastructure projects has proved complex, with the Indonesian Government having looked at various methods to allow the projects to be constructed.

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