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Iran finishes preparations to launch 5G internet

Christian Fernsby |
Iran’s telecoms minister has said that the country will kick off the fifth generation of internet communications, known as 5G, in the next Persian calendar year starting late March.

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Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said today that Iran had carried out all preparations needed for launching the 5G network.

“The regulatory is introducing the rules ... we hope we could implement a first version of the 5G network in Iran next year and start offering services,” said Jahromi.

The minister said super fast internet services powered by the 5G technology is a need for businesses in Iran. He added that his ministry had issued a call on experts for contributing to the quicker implementation of the new network in Iran.

Despite facing a harsh regime of American economic sanctions, Iran has made huge strides in expanding the coverage of the fourth-generation of fast internet services, known as 4G, to almost all cities, towns and villages across the country.

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