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Kremlin bans anonymous use of internet messengers in Russia

Christian Fernsby |
On May 5, the decree of the Russian government prohibiting the anonymous use of internet messengers came into force, reports TASS.

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According to the decree, the administrations of messengers are required to identify their users by their mobile phone numbers.

"Now, the messengers should check the information about the registration of the user's phone number with the mobile operator. The mobile operator, in turn, must provide the requested information within 20 minutes. If the operator did not respond in time or the phone number was not in the database, the identification will not be considered as passed, " the document reads.

If the mobile operator finds the necessary phone number in the database, then it must specify what other messengers the subscriber uses and assign this user a special identification code.

The administration of the messenger is required to limit the ability to send and receive messages for those users who have not been authenticated.

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