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Lithuania's Ignalina nuclear power plant resuming work after 2-week suspension

Christian Fernsby |
Lithuania's Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP), which was shut down a decade ago and is now being decommissioned, begins on Monday to resume the work it put on hold two weeks ago due to the coronavirus crisis, saying the suspension had no major impact on its work schedules or on the projects' progress, reported LETA/BNS.

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“We will live and work in the changed conditions for a long time, so this two-week period has been maximally used for the smooth return of employees to a safe working environment," INPP Director General Audrius Kamienas said.

This week, the plant is resuming the strategically-important processes of loading spent nuclear fuel into containers and transporting them to the storage facility.

The dismantling work will be started next week, and the initial treatment of radioactive waste and any remaining processes will be resumed in the third week.

The company temporarily suspended its work in early April, sending around 1,000 employees home due to downtime.

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