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LOC completes UK-France submarine power cable surveys

Christian Fernsby |
LOC France has completed survey work for the cable transport and installation operations for the IFA2 Interconnector, between the UK and France.

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Whilst the project was managed from LOC France, the execution was a collaborative effort between LOC teams in both Paris and London. LOC’s engineering, design and analysis arms, Longitude Engineering and Innosea, also contributed to the project.

Longitude provided a range of technical analyses to support the mobilisation of the construction vessels used and the cable transport and installation operations.

Innosea, the Group’s technical engineering and support services consultancy, provided engineering studies related to the mooring design for the cable.

The IFA2 is a joint project between RTE and National Grid. It is the second interconnector running between the UK and France, with a total length of 204km and a high-voltage link capacity of 1GW. The interconnector will contribute to the redistribution of low carbon energy between both countries.

As stated by RTE: “IFA2 will help RTE and National Grid to cope with the growth of electricity exchanges between France and UK, by increasing the cross-border capacity of 50%. This project will promote the complementarity of existing and future offshore production facilities on both sides of the Channel and the North Sea.”

This project follows other collaborations between LOC France and RTE, France’s leading electricity transmission operator. LOC’s Paris team currently supports RTE on other renewable energy projects with a range of services at different project stages, including working as ‘owners engineer’ on a current offshore wind development.

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