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Majority of Americans support trade deal between U.S. and UK

Christian Fernsby |
A recent Emerson College poll commissioned by the Association of Marshall Scholars finds the majority of Americans (62%) support a bilateral trade deal with the UK.

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This is the second continual year that the poll found strong support despite increased political uncertainty (63% supported in 2018).

Americans largely think the nation's alliance with the United Kingdom will be stronger or stay the same upon departure from the European Union.

Nearly 3-to-1 (58%) believe the 'special relationship' with the United Kingdom is even more important today than it was five years ago.

40% of Americans see the British as the most valuable foreign partner and 47% reported shared democratic norms and values as the tie that binds.

Much like the split in British public opinion, a plurality of Americans opposed Brexit (37%) with 29% in favor.

Americans envision all aspects of the partnership with the British deepening post-Brexit, including economic, security, defense, and diplomatic ties, as well as cultural exchange.

Despite being a top strategic partner with the US, 51% of Americans rated China as the #1 most attractive for business and trade and Canada at #2 (18%).

A combined 89% of respondents view a good relationship with the US and UK as very important (61%) or somewhat important (28%).

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