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Moscow mayor offers to prolong social firms’ benefits to 2026

Christian Fernsby |
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin offered on Tuesday to prolong the tax exemptions for socially important companies until 2026, his office said in a statement.

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"The Moscow government considered on November 3 and decided to submit to the Moscow City Duma for consideration a bill introducing changes to the tax legislation in the framework of consideration of the Moscow budget for 2021–2023,” the statement said.

“The bill prolongs some tax incentives and introduces changes to taxation of

everal kinds of real estate and entrepreneurship." The list of socially important companies includes the Moscow Central Circle and the oceanariums.

Moscow will spend 10 billion rubles on vaccination against the coronavirus in 2021. "12.7 billion rubles are planned to be allocated to prevention of infectious diseases in 2021, of which 10 billion rubles will be spent on vaccination against the novel coronavirus infection," the statement read.

The Moscow budget will have a 510 billion ruble deficit in 2021, and bond issuance is seen as a necessary and economically justifiable measure.

The 2021 debt is expected at 396 billion rubles, the debt in 2022 at 178.5 billion rubles, in 2023 at 44.1 billion rubles.

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