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Moscow: Passengers used card or smartphones to pay fare over 34 million times

Christian Fernsby |
In 2019, passengers took advantage of contactless fare payment on metro turnstiles and validators mounted in buses, trams and e-buses over 34 million times, as reported by the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

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'All lobbies of the Moscow metro stations and the Moscow Central Circle have now at least two contactless payment turnstiles. Starting 1 September, contactless fare payment has been introduced in all above-ground transport. In 2019, this payment method was used about 30 million times in the metro and over 4.5 million times in surface transport,' said the Press Service of the Department.

Passengers can pay the metro and surface transport fare by bank cards and other gadgets with PayPass, PayWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Mir.

To pay, just tap your card or smartphone to the validator. The fare will be RUB 42.00, which is cheaper than that with a Unified Ticket.

Metro passengers using this method of payment can transfer to the MCC for free within 90 min, the same as with a regular ticket.

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