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Namibia to construct 4 wind power plants in national park

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Namibia has approved the construction of four wind power plants in the Tsau Khaeb (Sperrgebiet) National Park in the country's coastal town Luderitz, officials said.

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Ministry of Environment and Tourism executive director Teofilus Nghitila said the power plants are expected to generate 100 megawatts of electricity.

"It will enable Namibia to meet its goals under National Development Goals and will actually also place Namibia to have most of its energy generated from the renewables," he said.

The Tsau Khaeb National Park is recently proclaimed as a protected biodiversity spot.

Nghitila also stated that his ministry also put measures to ensure that biodiversity in the park remains intact.

"It is our aim to reduce any negative impact on our biodiversity in the park. We know that the area is sensitive and has very unique organisms especially the succulent plants which are very important to the ecosystem there. So it is well documented," Nghitila added.

Namibia has committed itself to increase the share of renewable energy to about 70 percent of electricity by 2030.

Currently Namibia only has a 5 megawatt wind farm at Luderitz.

The approved power plants include United Africa with 40 megawatts, two projects from NamPower which is 40 and 50 megawatts respectively, and Innosun energy with 50 megawatts.

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