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Poland: Team to investigate the rise in prices of food and hygiene products

Christian Fernsby |
Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, made the decision to appoint a team that will investigate the rise in the prices of food and hygiene products in Poland.

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The team monitoring prices in online shops will be composed of employees of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, whereas the Trade Inspection Authority employees were assigned to monitor prices in physical stores, including retail chains.

The Office also does not preclude the possibility of interventions against the unfair use of contractual advantage in the agricultural and food sector with respect to small and medium-sized businesses whose product supply agreements may not be honoured.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection does not preclude legal amendments to the special purpose act being drafted, which grants authority to penalise situations where fear of disease is exploited to inflate the prices of products and to enforce those penalties. However, they assume the possibility that additional mechanisms providing for sanctions against businesses abusing the freedonm to set prices may be established.

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