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Romania to build 500 m euros bridge over Danube without access roads

Christian Fernsby |
The opening of Romania's 500 million euro bridge will be delayed as its builders try to connect it to the country's road network.

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The situation arose because developers pushed ahead with construction of the 500 million euro Danube crossing without first securing the necessary permissions and research required to link it to transport routes.

"It will be an embarrassing moment as the bridge will be ready but without any roads to connect it to the mainland," Ionuţ Ciurea, president of Pro Infrastructure Association, a non-governmental organization monitoring road development in Romania, told CGTN Europe.

"If the deadline is respected the bridge will be ready by the end of 2022 but the connecting roads only half a year later at the earliest," Ciurea added.

When completed, the bridge over the Danube will be the third largest crossing in Europe in terms of span and length, according to the National Road Company in charge of the project.

The total length of the suspension bridge over the Danube will be 1,974.3 meters and the main span 1,120 meters.

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