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Rwanda reopens border post with Uganda to heavy cargo trucks for trial

Christian Fernsby |
Rwanda reopened Gatuna border post, a main route linking Rwanda to neighboring Uganda, to heavy cargo trucks on Monday for trial operation, Rwanda Revenue Authority said in a statement.

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The Ugandan government had accused Rwanda of imposing an embargo on bilateral trade with Uganda, while the Rwandan side denied the allegation and said Gatuna is the only border post connecting with Uganda that is not fully operational due to construction works.

Heavy trucks are now allowed to provisionally cross the Gatuna border post between June 10 to 22, in order to facilitate trial activities, said the statement.

The trial, recommended by Rwanda Transport Development Agency, is aimed at assessing the operationalization of the construction works and equipment, it said.

About 50 percent of imports to Rwanda and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo by road pass through the Kigali-Gatuna road, part of the northern corridor which links landlocked countries of the Great Lakes region with Kenya's sea port Mombasa, according to the Rwandan ministry of infrastructure.

Rwanda and Uganda recently have had a frosty relation after the two sides are continuing to blame each other for different issues.

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