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Singapore and Italy have most women serving as CEO

Christian Fernsby |
Singapore and Italy have the highest proportion of companies with women as chief executive officers (CEOs).


In both countries, 15 percent of firms are headed by female CEOs. In Thailand, 9 percent of firms were headed by female CEOs, and it was 8 percent in the Philippines.

The Credit Suisse report CS Gender 3000 and was conducted by the Credit Suisse Research Institute. 

The study looked at the state of gender equality in companies and involved more than 3,000 companies across 56 countries as well as 30,000 executive positions. 

Singapore ranked fourth in terms of women in the position of chief financial officer, at 28 percent, behind Thailand at 42 per cent, Taiwan at 30 per cent and Malaysia at 29 percent.

The study found that Singapore's boardroom diversity has improved markedly since 2015, with the proportion of women on boards improving from 10.8 percent then to 18.4 per cent this year.

In terms of overall gender diversity in management, Singapore came in sixth at 23 percent. The Philippines took top spot, followed by Thailand, Sweden, Australia and Malaysia.

The institute’s previous reports found strong correlations between boardroom diversity and share price performance and profitability, though they did not assert cause and effect.

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