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South Africa’s internet could be back by 4 April after two undersea cable faults

Christian Fernsby |
South Africa’s slow internet could be back up and running to full capacity by 4 April.

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The outages have inconvenienced South Africans who are trying to work from home, after the country went into lockdown on Friday to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The Ile D’Aix is making steady progress along the English Channel towards the site of the cable break of the West African Cable System (Wacs), says the South African National Research & Education Network (NREN).

This, along with a second break along the South Atlantic Telecommunications (SAT-3) off shore Congo, has led to slow internet over the weekend.

Repairs to this break are currently underway by the Leon Thevenin, which operates from Cape Town. Its estimated repair date is 2 April.

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