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Tajikistan, Afghanistan biggest consumers of Kazakhstan petroleum

Christian Fernsby |
Kazakhstan earned $21.6 million from export of petroleum in January-November 2019, LS reported.

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According to the statistics, 42,700 tons of gasoline were supplied abroad. In January-November 2018, Kazakhstan exported only 15,400 tons for $7.4 million, which is 2.9 times less that in 2019.

Meanwhile, the country sold 23,600 tons of petroleum for $12.2 million in 2019. Among them Belarus purchased 3,100 tons for $1.3 million, Russia 3,200 tons for $1.3 million, Tajikistan 17,400 tond for $9.6 million. Afghanistan bought 14,000 tons for $7.5 million. Mongolia has purchased 200 tons for $106,800, the Netherlands 4,800 tons for $1.8 million.

Kazakhstan delivered 19,700 tons for $9.8 million in November 2019. 5,600 tons of them were supplied to the CIS countries, and 14,100 tons for $6.7 million to the other countries of the world. Afghanistan bought 9,100 tons for $4.8 million.

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